Engaging New Clients

StreetChange builds on the robust infrastructure of homeless service providers that know their communities and the people in need.  They engage street homeless adults that may not already be connected in programs like housing case management, employment training, and behavioral health services necessary for achieving stability.  Those who express interest work with a peer specialist or outreach caseworker to complete a brief intake that obtains a personal description and identifies long-term housing goals and strategies and short-term material needs like socks, shoes, or a jacket.  Short-term needs are translated into a "registry" that can be funded through the StreetChange app

Donating to StreetChange clients

You can view pictures, profiles, and needs of all StreetChange clients, with a special notification for any in your vicinity, and make a donation on the spot.  

Opening the app brings you to an "Around Me" screen showing any clients nearby.  If you're in Philadelphia - there might be someone there:  The app detects a small beacon carried by each StreetChange client that emits a Bluetooth signal over a 150 foot radius.  Hit "Browse All" to view the profiles and registries of all StreetChange clients, regardless of if there are any around you.  You can also donate to one of our highlighted items or directly to a service provider who needs your help to continue providing critical services.

In the case below, there is no one nearby, but we browse the list of clients and find Andrew. Clicking on Andrew's profile provides more information about him, including how he became homeless, his long-term employment and housing goals, and what he has requested from StreetChange donors.  Clicking on "Donate now" brings you to Paypal, which allows you to donate directly to the requested item using either an existing Paypal account or a credit or debit card.


Connecting to Services

When donors have collectively donated enough to purchase an item, we send a text message to the client that the item is ready for pickup at a local homeless service provider.  Items can only be retrieved through a meeting with a peer specialist or case manager where clients discuss employment training strategies, healthcare options, and develop a plan to obtain permanent housing.

These workers, some of whom may have experienced homelessness first hand, build trusting relationships that enable individuals who are homeless to accept placement in appropriate settings where they may obtain needed opportunities to recover their lives.  Among other services, StreetChange providers offer targeted case management, behavioral health services, employment training programs, computer training, and help obtaining identification to facilitate movement into housing.


Achieving Stability

Trusting relationships between clients and providers are not easy to build, but they are critical and the results are life-changing.  StreetChange providers use Evidence-based Practices to facilitate a client's own, self-directed recovery and access the appropriate services, with the goal of helping individuals achieve permanency in a house or apartment of their own.