StreetChange is a mobile crowdfunding application that leverages the power of small donations to provide real help to people that need it the most: street homeless neighbors with short-term needs.   Through iOS and Android apps you can contribute to necessities like socks, shoes, and raincoats requested by StreetChange clients who meet with a caseworker to discuss healthcare and housing options when picking up their goods.  Look at their profiles to learn a little more about everyone enrolled in the program, see which items they need, and how much money is left to contribute.  Through Bluetooth beacons given to our clients, you can even see if there's anyone who needs something nearby.

Our Team


  Andrew Siegel

   founding director


Andrew is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine.  In 2013 while walking home from work one evening, a homeless man at a busy intersection asked him for money.  Feeling powerless to help in any meaningful way, he began to dream up a solution, one that would not only allow him to contribute to the short term needs of the homeless panhandler, but would simultaneously support that individual's path to stable housing.  Contact


dan Treglia

president | managing partner


Dan is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice and an Affiliated Researcher with the Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Center on Homelessness among Veterans.  He has a PhD in Social Welfare from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.  In his capacity as Managing Partner, Dan brings his considerable wealth of knowledge and experience to bear in leading StreetChange in its mission of improving the lives of our most vulnerable city residents.  Contact

Chelsea Alexander.jpg

Chelsea Alexander

Communications Associate


Chelsea is an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Communication with a minor in Consumer Psychology. Her passion for social change has translated into work with organizations such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Where's the Love Philadelphia, a project dedicated to combating gun violence in Philadelphia. With experience in both marketing and social media, she hopes to apply these skills to StreetChange in effort raise awareness and improve the lives of Philly's homeless population. 


  Michael Brody



Michael is the President and CEO of Mental Health Partnerships (MHP).   StreetChange is proud to partner with Michael in furthering the mission of MHP:  "To promote groundbreaking ideas and create opportunities for resilience and recovery by applying the knowledge learned from the people we support, employ, and engage in transformative partnerships."  

MHP also operates three homeless outreach teams, two of whom are based in Philadelphia, the other in Delaware County.